Will Fuller on his motorcycle

Motorcycles have been a part of Will’s life since he was a teenager back in the 60’s when he started riding the roads of Georgia on his Honda 125 Scrambler. Like most of us that have caught the fever and the need for speed and horsepower it led the way to bigger and faster bikes and over the years he moved up to bigger Hondas, Nortons and at one time a Kawasaki 500cc Mach III. In Bakersfield, California in the mid 80’s after satisfying that need for speed on a sport bike, he discovered Harley Davidsons and the call of the highway. His first Harley was a Dyna Low Rider that was ridden up and down the west coast for several years and ignited the wanderlust for travelling the highways and back roads of our great Country.

That passion for riding was put on hold for a couple of decades to raise a family in Missouri. He packed up, sold the bikes and bought a farm and started a family. As the kids got older, the barn started to fill up with not only cattle but also dirt bikes and four wheelers. Not satisfied with “stock” it seemed like every dirt bike and four wheeler was modified to go faster, jump higher, and pass anything on the fire roads and trails. Fast forward to 2000, the kids grew up, moved out, one to college, two went into the US Marine Corp. It was time to sell the farm and head to the local bike shop and hit the road again!

In the past eighteen years riding, a Yamaha, an Indian, a Custom Chopper, several BMWs and numerous Harleys, Will has racked up over 300,000 miles touring around the country. In his travels he met hundreds of folks that longed for the wind in their face and the freedom of the road but couldn’t afford the cost of a Harley.

After 24 years in the insurance industry Will retired and decided to help the dreams come true for those folks that have the spirit and desire to hit the road on a motorcycle and feel the freedom of the wind in their face. With that same spirit and a good business plan to offer late model, low mileage Harleys at prices working men and women could afford, Dream Cycles USA LLC® was born.

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